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Mobile Payment Systems


If you are an Apple fan then you are probably already hooked on Apple Pay, the ability to use your phone (linked with a credit or debit card) to pay for your shopping or fast fast food at a variety of retailers across the UK. This technology is nothing new, in fact other than the biometric security it is the same basic technology that is included in contactless cards. The main question is what if you are not an owner of an Apple device?

Android EE pay monthly customer with a modern handset have the ability to sign up to EE Tap Wallet – Cash on Tap. This app provides the ability to pay up to £20* at most contactless terminals including McDonalds, M&S, Pret A Manger and on Transport for London – trains, buses and the tube. Although this option is not biometrically secured you can set a pin which needs to be entered before each transaction.

The next new innovation which has been promised by Samsung is Samsung Pay, this will theoretically allow payments on older magna strip terminals allowing payments in more locations than any other mobile payment service. Payments will only be authorised where a fingerprint is scanned, just like Apple Pay but  unfortunatSamsung Payely no UK release date has been issued as of yet.

There aren’t any other UK based solutions as of yet but a lot of research is being undertaken here and abroad to create new mobile payment services, it is well worth keeping an eye on things over the next few years if you would like to go cashless.

*Depending on individual stores


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