Creative Corner – December 2011


Paintings by Jonathon Spencer

Snow by Siobhan Donaghy

Blank –

despite its harmless appearance

it’s touch is bitter as it melts



Nature’s naked innocence

exposing itself to protect

the bare fingers of the trees,


Like a resting traveller by Siobhan Donaghy

stooping wearily in an abandoned doorway,

it arrives in the dead of the night

leaving nothing but a sodden leaf

in the wind.


Photographs By Jecelyn Latimer

Storm Clouds by Emily Bygrave

Bruised, the sky frowns as

lightning licks the streets; thunder

snapping at my heels.

The Road by Emily Bygrave

The road stretches towards me

like falling into the arms of an old friend.

Soaked in sunlight and alone,

I try to hitch a ride.

Car after car drones by

but all I’m given is the hard shoulder.


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