Student Summer Sessions



• Students’ Union organise summer activity sessions

• Various activities available including sports, days out and geo-caching

A new Bangor Students’ Union scheme hopes to keep Bangor students active during the summer months.

Summer Sessions, which will launch at the end of term, will consist of a number of different activities which will be available to any remaining student once a week.
“The activities team are really keen to provide for those that remain over Summer such as International students, postgraduate students and any other person who wants to get or remain active” said Steve Barnard, Activities Development Co-ordinator at the Students’ Union.

The project is the brainchild of the Union’s activities team: AU President Emyr Bath, VP Societies and Community Ash Kierans and Clubs and Activities Development Co-ordinator Steve Barnard. The team have worked solidly throughout the year on increasing participation and access to all the activities that the Union currently has to offer.

“What is really exciting is that this program of events will give great opportunities for students of different departments and backgrounds to meet new people and get the chance to take part in activities that may not be readily accessible to them” said Mr Barnard.
Strong links have been formed with the International Office in preparation for the scheme which hopes to attract International students who may be staying in Bangor over summer and may have less options during the quieter part of the year.

A kayaking session has already taken place, at Llyn Padarn, with a number of International students getting involved. The day was hosted by the Athletic Union’s Canoe Polo Club.

Routine safety briefings were followed by Graeme Haigh, who led the team, making sure that everyone’s equipment was up to scratch and that there were no language barriers in the way. Qualified coaches taught the group the basics of kayaking before they toured the sheltered parts of the lake.

“Facilitating this activity had a fantastic reception, students from many diverse backgrounds all came and took part in the session we put on. Its fantastic that for the first time ever we’re planning a programme of activity to provide for students that live in Bangor over the summer” said Ash Kierans, “We’ve already had interest from a number of students and are looking forward to launching this project and making the most of the resources that we now have available.”

Other planned activities include Geo-Caching and trips to Puffin Island as well as a range of more traditional sports.

If you’re going to be around in the summer and want to get involved send ash an email:


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