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We at Bangor K-Dragons would just like to share with you all the exciting things we will be doing towards the end of this term. But firstly, thank you to everyone who comes to our fun classes on Fridays, and to everyone in our competition team for all your hard work. We will be taking part in a university KPOP dance competition held in Coventry on the 23rd of November. Please send us some support and follow the experience on our social media!


We are also excited to announce that we will be holding our first Bangor K-Dragons Showcase on the 7th of December. If you are interested in showing off a talent such as singing a Korean song or dancing, please contact us on our social media or by email by the 1st of December at the latest. If you just want to come and support as an audience, please do. Keep an eye out for more information on our social media.


To round off the term we are planning a trip down to York to see the Christmas Markets. Afterwards we will be heading to a Korean restaurant called Oshibi. We have limited spaces, but would be happy to take you along for the ride if we can. Yet again, more info to be shared on our social media, listed below.


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