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Bangor Wargaming, Roleplaying and Cardgaming Society

The Bangor Wargaming, Roleplaying and Cardgaming society (BWRPCS) is dedicated to providing a space and resources so people interested in tabletop and roleplaying games of all kinds can gather, meet new people and most of all, have an interesting and exciting experience with a large, friendly and steadily increasing community. Veterans of the genres available and people new to this type of hobby are both welcome, with a committee dedicated to improving the experience of all members, making sure everyone finds a place they can enjoy their hobby. Not to mention our sponsors, including two local game stores, allowing members access to cheaper cards, models, and books, as well as potential space to use outside of sessions. Speaking of our sessions; we run regular sessions every week with reminders and notifications from our Facebook group, don’t be afraid to join the group and ask the committee any questions, we would be happy to answer any queries you have.

We have had great success with tournaments in the past year and are determined to increase and vary them this coming academic year, so if you are a more competitive hobbyist, there are plenty of incentives to improve, play and get stuck in with the local community. Of course, if you are more interested in a more laidback event, there are always the society campaigns, which will see you and fellow members taking part in a strong and evolving narrative. However, we don’t spend all our time rolling dice, there will be many socials (both drinking and alcohol free) with potential prizes, so keep an eye out! We will be at our serendipity stall on the 18th so don’t hesitate to come over and sign up if you are interested.


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