Welcome to our Serendipity Preview: Over 20 Societies, Volunteering Projects and Clubs from which you can build an image of the student community here at Bangor. Whilst it is diverse, this list is not extensive; you can check many others at Serendipity and at Undeb Bangor.

In order to check a student group, click on the links below; they will easily transport you to your choice.


UMCB Welsh Learning SocietyWidening Access CentreNoW Solutions


Karate Union




Gaelic Men’s FootballConservation SocietyBiological SocietyPsychSocGuides and Scouts

Filipino SocietyEuropean SocietyWriter’s GuildAnimation Watchers and Lovers SocietyGaming League

Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society Horror SocietyRock and Metal Appreciation Society

Disney SocietyWargaming, Roleplaying and Cardgaming SocietyMusic SocietyEnglish Dramatics SocietyK-DragonsLindy Hop SocietyRostra


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