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Widening Access Centre


Widening Access Centre 

Bangor University’s Widening Access Centre is committed to ensuring that every student is afforded
the same opportunity to further their education. Especially students from disadvantaged
backgrounds and underrepresented groups, such as carers, estranged students and care leavers. We
aim to remove the barriers individuals within such groups face when considering further education.
A number of bursaries, grants and support groups aimed specifically at widening access to higher
education are available and it is highly recommended that individuals who may fall into one of the
previously mentioned categories contact the widening access centre for more information on the
help which they could receive.
Aside from helping individuals looking to move into higher education, the Widening Access Centre
also works to reach children in Primary and Secondary schools, to raise aspirations, experiences and
open doors of opportunities to progress to higher and further education.
In order to achieve this, we need student volunteers willing to help grow and sustain our projects, in
order to aid as many local children as possible to discover their enthusiasm towards learning new
skills and potentially setting them on a path towards further education and/or training.
Volunteering is also a great way for students to develop their coaching and mentoring skills,
collaborate with local businesses and gain valuable experience working with children. This can also
prove a valuable boost to a students’ employability and CV.


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