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Bangor K-Dragons 

Do you have an interest in Kpop or Khiphop? Do you want to give dance a chance surrounded by fellow stans? Come join us at Bangor K-Dragons this year! We are a kpop and khiphop dance crew that welcomes dancers of all abilities. So why don’t you give it a go?

Last year we took part in two national university kpop competitions and we plan to take part again this year. We also performed at Bangor’s One World Gala and the Athletic Union’s Dinner. But don’t worry if you don’t want to do any serious performances. This year we will have three classes a week: two dedicated to competition preparations and one for everyone to just have a good time. So don’t worry about having commitments in other societies or to your course. You can come and enjoy yourself throughout the semester.

Last year we covered BTS, NCT127, ITZY, Block B, Taemin, Hyolyn and topp dogg. We also did original choreographies to songs by Jackson Wang and Jessi for the Bangor University winter and summer dance shows.

Prepare yourself to work hard, have fun and gain a new family. Come find us at serendipity or look for updates on our social media:
Facebook: Bangor K-Dragons
Twitter: @DragonsBangor
Instagram: @k_dragons_112


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