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Filipino Society


Filipino Society

Do you know what:
– Jollibee
– Tagalog
– Lechon
– Adobo
are? If not, then we happily invite you to join us at the Filipino Society!
Our aims:
We are a newly established society, hoping to bring the fun and beauty of our 7,000 islands to Bangor University. We welcome people of any background to join us in our appreciation of filipino food, pop culture and creating new friendships. For anyone even slightly curious about filipino food, art and music, this is the place for you.
We also want to create a safe space to educate and spark discussions about current filipino affairs and experiences. We will be hosting different events highlighting the best aspects of filipino life. Our meet ups will revolve mainly around food, karaoke, games and more food as they say back home, it’s #MoreFunInThePhilippines! But we also plan on having chill meet ups with debates and tagalog lessons so there’s something for everyone.
This year we will be have weekly meet ups every Wednesday at 6-8pm in Lecture Room 4 in Main Arts.
For any more information you can find our stall at serendipity during freshers, facebook: ‘Bangor University Filipino Society’, instagram: @bufilsoc, or contact our social secretary Ferrida at:

Mag join na ka yo! (Join us now!) We can’t wait to meet you!


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