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Bangor University Guides and Scouts 

Were you involved in Scouting or Guiding as a child? Would you like to continue in your Scouting and Guiding journey as an adult?

BUGS is here for you!

Bangor University Guides and Scouts bring together people from across country that enjoy The Scouting Life ™ to continue their journeys as members and leaders. Our society is a part of the Student Scouting And Guiding Organisation (SSAGO), and we regularly come together with other scouting societies around the UK for rally events..

If you’ve never done something like this before, fret not! If you enjoy camping, crafts or competition, this society is for you. We want as many people as possible to join our Guiding and Scouting family. No need for previous experience!

So, what exactly do we do? Our regular meetings allow us to get to know each other and complete fun activities including badges. For larger events, like Christmas, we go on weekend camps in the surrounding area. On top of that, we have a week-long camp during the Easter Holidays where we could go further afield.

We have connections with the Scouting and Guiding groups across north Wales who often need the help and ideas of young adults of today to reinvent their groups, meaning you too can become a leader!

If this sounds like something you are interested it, keep an eye out for us at Serendipity, or come along to one of our regular meetings! We meet every Thursday at 7:30 in room A1.01 of the Management Centre (if you don’t know where that is – just ask!) If you want to know more, please email us at or join our Facebook group (insert name here).

Fel plentyn, a oeddech chi’n rhan o’r Sgowts neu’r Guides? A hoffech parhau’r daith fel oedolyn? Mar BUGS yma i chi! 

Rydym ni’n dod â phobl at eu gilydd o ar draws y wlad sy’n mwynhau bod yn rhan o’r mudiadau, ac i barhau fel arweinwyr. Rydym yn rhan o SSAGO (Student Scout and Guide Organisation) ac rydym yn dod at ein gilydd ar gyfer digwyddiadau gwahanol. 

Os nad ydych wedi bod yn aelod o’r blaen, paid â phoeni! Os ydych yn mwynhau gwersylla, crefftau neu cystadleuthau mae’r gymdeithas yn addas i chi! Rydym ni eisiau i cymain o bobl â phosib ymuno a’r teulu – does dim angen profiad blaenorol! 

Rydym yn cwrdd yn wythnosol er mwyn mwynhau gweithgareddau, fel ennill bathodynnau, ac ar gyfer digwyddiadau mwy rydym yn mynd i wersylla am wythnos dros Pasg a phenwythnos dros y Nadolig. Mae yna hefyd gyfle i wirfoddoli gyda un o’r nifer o grwpiau ar draws Gogledd Cymru. 

Os ydych am fod yn rhan dewch i’n gweld yn ystod Serendipity, neu dewch i gyfarfod yn ystafell A1. 01 yn y Canolfan Rheolaeth sr Ddydd Iau am 7:30yh. Os ydych am wybod mwy, anfonwch ebost i’r cyfeiriad neu ymunwch a’r tudalen Facebook!


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