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Bangor University Gaming League


Bangor University Gaming League

With a great sense of community, plentiful opportunities to compete in Esports, and a broad
collection of consoles both old and new- Bangor University Gaming League (BUGL) aims to provide
casual and competitive gaming, online and offline. All platforms are welcome, and you’re sure to
find a common game or two! We host both online and offline sessions, as well as provide the chance
to compete in inter-university Esports leagues in games such as League of Legends, Overwatch,
Rainbow Six, Dota 2, Smash Bros and more.
Our weekly offline sessions are every Wednesday (4-7pm) and Sunday (2-5pm) in the Room of
Requirement, located in the SU, fourth floor Pontio- feel free to pop down and say hello! Our regular
online sessions will be announced on Facebook as well as our Discord, where we play a wide variety
of games based on demand, such as Stellaris, Minecraft, Teamfight Tactics, Civ 5, any many more.
We have invested a lot more attention into our Esports side in the past year, having successful teams
in multiple games, Bangor Esports has made a name for itself as the 2 nd best Welsh university for
Esports. Our Overwatch and League of Legends teams have achieved top 8 across the UK, with our
Overwatch team competing within the Championship Division. We hope to continue our successes
into this year and beyond. For more information on the games we compete in, feel free to pop into
one of our sessions, or ask on our Discord.
Our society, however, would not be complete without our amazing socials and events! With unique
socials such as our Pokemon Go pub crawl, quizzes, even Just Dance events we’re sure to find
something you find interesting. And if that isn’t enough, we host a big 48 hour marathon event each
semester, so if playing games with friends until 3am sounds like the ideal weekend, you’re more
than welcome to join us!
So, whether you’re wanting to meet new people, compete or simply play some Smash Bros- BUGL is
the society for you. Please feel welcome to join our taster session on the 22 nd September at 2pm,
and join our Facebook group by searching the name of our society; or join our Discord
( We hope to see you there!


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