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Bangor Rock and Metal Appreciation Society

Bangor is a special place, and one of its most prominent features is its close-knit community and its student/local relationship. A key element which cements this relationship is the city’s music scene, especially when it comes to rock and metal. Over the course of your stay in Bangor, you’ll see an abundance of live acts from Bangor and beyond, with a strong and welcoming community of metalheads and music fans alike keeping the flame burning bright.

Bangor Rock And Metal Appreciation Society (BRAMAS) is a place for all who get a kick out of metal, live music, and all things alternative. Our connections with the local venues, such as Cove, Rascals, and The Skerries, allow us to organise regular concerts promoting local bands, and give us a space to wind down throughout the academic year. 

Alongside gigs being organised, we are a community of good friends who will be regularly organising coffee meets for chatting, working, and getting to know each other better outside of the gig environment. We will also be hosting movie nights, going for walks, and much more over the course of the year. Not to mention that we will be having regular socials in the previously mentioned venues to let our hair down outside the pit! 

Anyone is welcome in BRAMAS; everyone has their own musical preferences, and we have quite an eclectic mix of those. Just sign up at the upcoming Serendipity event and get to know us! We can almost guarantee you’ll meet someone new who shares your interests. 

We are all very much looking forward to meeting you all at Serendipity and throughout the academic year. Welcome to Bangor!

-Jordan McEvoy (BRAMAS Chair)


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