BUPS back better than ever before


Bangor University Paintball has had a revolutionary change over the last year with the implementation of a new indoor arena over at Normal Site sports hall.

The addition of this indoor arena, mixed with our reusable paintballs, allows the club to offer very cheap paintball sessions that allow people a gateway into the world of competitive paintball. The sessions will include skills required to play in the extremely fast paced 5 vs 5 game that is one of the fastest growing sports across the world right now. The competitive scene is a mixture of pure adrenaline, and elegant and fast paced action that is suitable for anyone of any size or build and is something not to be missed. Join the team and represent Bangor University in our Student Cup against other universities from around the country. Or take part in the scenario games that take place around the country and have thousands of players playing on one battlefield.

If you wish to see some of these antics go have a look on the teams Facebook page “Bangor Lions” or our Instagram @bangoruni_ps to see some of the antics that take place. If you wish to know more speak to the Captain Matt Bridgman (osub39@bangor.ac.uk) for more information.


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