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Undeb Bangor’s Surf team has recently committed to becoming single-use plastic free, and encourages other Clubs and Societies to follow suit. Members of the Surf team are also taking part in ‘2 Minute Beach Cleans’. These will be occurring on a regular basis, before the team takes to the waves.

Edward Cardona, Captain of the Surf team, said: ‘’It is important for people to understand the consequences of their actions and lifestyle, as, in the long run, nobody is doing themselves any favours.”

‘’We believe that acting and being on the front foot of the plastic free movement will allow future generations to enjoy the ocean, without having to swim through plastic bags at the beach.’’

The Surf team encourages anyone, and any team, that has seen the detrimental effect of plastic pollution on their surroundings, to come forward and join them in making a difference.



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