Aber get lucky to win Lacrosse


lacrosse psd This year’s Varsity was host to a tight, hard-fought match between Bangor and Aber’s women’s lacrosse teams. The match ended as a draw at 6-6 but both teams wanted a winner and so extra time began. With eight extra minutes being allowed in an attempt to gain the eventual result of a 7th goal, it was Aber who were the ones to strike lucky and finish the game at 7-6.
Aber dominated the first half with some excellent attacks going into halftime at 4-2. However, in the second half Bangor managed a great comeback to 4-4 and then 6-6. The Bangor team achieved an incredible retaliation very quickly following the immediate Aber lead, showing the strength of the Women’s BULC that is evident in the league. Bangor dominated the last five minutes of the game with 4 shots on target, but they were saved by a strong Aber goalie.
It was a controversial end to the game, with differing views on the validity of the final goal, but eventually the referees decided that the goal would stand. Despite this disappointment, all of the players contributed to the power of Bangor’s team, with Sophie Bounford proving to be one of the exceptional players within the club.
It was an emotional and unfortunate loss for women’s lacrosse, but their performance was something that each Bangor student can definitely be proud of. They fought hard to the very end of the game, giving an incredible performance.
The BULC are widely acknowledged within the University for the excellent work that they do for charities, showing that they constantly deliver on and off the pitch. They have previously contributed to Movember, and are currently helping with fundraising for FeBRAry, making an outstanding £264.43 already for the charity with their Cake Sale. Make sure to show your support for this team by attending forthcoming matches, their performance standard is not to be missed.


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