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Bangor transcripts to change in 2016


New transcripts will be more detailed

Changes will affect current students in their first and second years

From 2016, the way that Bangor University issues the academic transcript for undergraduate students is changing. This change will affect current 1st and 2nd year students.

Students will receive a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) along with their degree certificate upon graduation. The HEAR is a nationally recognised document (with a number of universities already issuing it) designed to make it easier to demonstrate all university achievements to employers. The HEAR will include details such as modules and marks, skills developed through the course, as well as an ‘Additional Information’ section.

‘Additional Information’ refers to extra and co-curricular activities completed through the University. Activities that students wish to be logged on the HEAR must be recorded through the Bangor Employment Award Hub.

Completion of the BEA will remain optional, but the BEA Hub must be used for recording HEAR activities.
A number of activities that will appear on the HEAR are already logged in the BEA through registers. This includes, for example, Course Representation, Peer Guiding, Careers, Employability Service workshops and academic prizes.
If students also decide to complete the BEA, activities completed through third parties such as part-time jobs and work experience, will still be recognised on the BEA transcript. This transcript is issued separately.

Students can talk to their personal tutor about the HEAR and information will be disseminated through BEA sessions in Academic Schools.


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