Bangor Launches New School of Philosophy and Religion


On Friday 12th October many members of staff and administrators from the College of Arts and Humanities gathered in the Council Chamber to witness the launch of the new School of Philosophy and Religion at Bangor University.

Members of the council were invited to the event and the Vice Chancellor was happy to welcome everyone who had been able to attend.

The head of the new school, Dr Eryl W Davies, claims that the school is being built from ‘sturdy foundations’, even though it is a fairly new initiative. He believes this because religion has been taught at Bangor, in various subjects, for well over a century, and philosophy was taught at Bangor University up until the early 1980s. This means that, although unintentionally, Bangor University already has a long and recognised tradition of teaching both of these subjects, just not necessarily together.

Dr Davies thanked the Council members and also the Vice Chancellor for supporting the opening. He also thanked the administrative staff for helping to ensure that the launch was successful from behind the scenes.


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