With the general election now only days away, it’s time to really think about where your vote will go! Young people aged 18-24 have the power to change the way the government is run; don’t let a lack of knowledge affect your vote. Putting your tick in a box does make a difference, so don’t let your voice go unheard. This is the third general election since 2015 so let’s make this one count! So, with that in mind here is a rundown of the parties’ top priorities for this election.



Leader Boris Johnson

Top priorities

Bring back the Withdrawal Agreement Bill to Parliament before Christmas to achieve Brexit by the end of January

£20.5bn additional funding for the NHS in England by 2023-24, 50 million more GP appointments and 50,000 more nurses

20,000 more police officers over the next three years in England and Wales

No rises in income tax, National Insurance contributions or VAT

Introduce an Australian-style, points-based immigration system, which treats everyone equally regardless of where they come from 



Leader Jeremy Corbyn

Top priorities

£400bn national transformation fund, including £250bn for energy, transport and the environment, and £150bn for schools, hospitals and housing

£75bn for 100,000 new council homes a year by 2024 and 50,000 affordable homes a year through Housing Associations

Free full fibre broadband for every home and business in the UK by 2030

£10-an-hour minimum wage for all workers

Hold another referendum on Brexit


Leader Jo Swinson

Top priorities

Stop Brexit, which the party argues will release money to be spent on public services over the next five years

£20bn a year for five years to tackle climate change

1p rise in income tax to invest in health and social care, allowing the NHS budget to be increased by £26bn a year by 2023-24

Recruit 20,000 more teachers and increase school funding by £10.6bn a year by 2024/25

£130bn investment in infrastructure 



Leaders Jonathan Bartley, Sian Berry

Top priorities

£100bn a year for a decade to tackle climate change – mainly paid for by borrowing

Net-zero carbon emissions in the UK by 2030

Pursue a “green new deal” including a “structural transformation” of the way the economy works

Create more than a million new jobs through green investment

Introduce a People’s Vote Bill to implement another referendum on Brexit – will campaign to Remain



Leader Nigel Farage

Top priorities

Leave all institutions of the EU and restore the primacy of UK law

Negotiate a free trade agreement with the EU, similar to the deals the bloc has with Canada and Japan, with a new deadline of 1 July 2020

Leave the EU and move to World Trade Organisation trading rules if a free trade agreement cannot be struck

£200bn spending programme on infrastructure, wi-fi and services for young people 



Leader Patricia Mountain

Top priorities

Leave the EU immediately with no deal

Cut immigration to low, sustainable levels

£5.4bn a year for 30,000 more doctors and 40,000 more nurses

Education in schools to focus on making the UK self-sufficient



Leader Adam Price

Top priorities

Second referendum on Brexit

Devote an extra 1% of GDP to green investment over 10 years, giving Wales a share worth £15bn

£20bn for a Welsh “green jobs revolution”, investing in renewable energy, transport infrastructure and digital services

Lift children out of poverty via new payments for children in low-income families, and a “once in a generation” £300m boost for education


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