A Few Effective Techniques to Help Improve Your Focus


Staying focused can be difficult. Even more difficult when you know you need to stay focused but there are so many distractions pulling your attention in different directions. So, in this article, I’ll be giving you some tips on how to keep your head in the game. 


Remove the Distractions

My first tip sounds a little obvious, but it isn’t a plan we often stick to. Hide your phone. Hide your Xbox. Hide yourself (away from your friends) if you have to! Just you and your work at your desk with the intention to get things done! Give yourself one hour with your phone in a cupboard to complete as much work as you can, and then after the hour is up, allow yourself a well-deserved break! 


Stay Present

It’s hard to complete a piece of work when your brain is always thinking about the future or the past! Keep your focus on the here and now. Even if you have to turn your focus inward and towards your breath, this will ground you to the present moment and will eliminate the distracting thoughts that pass through your head. 


Reward Yourself

Even if it is with a small chocolate bar- I tend to buy another item of clothing I most definitely do not need! But tell yourself that if you complete the task, you will reward yourself for it. If you don’t complete it- the reward isn’t deserved. Chocolate tastes so much better when you’ve been thinking about it all day long and you’ve finally finished your work, so you deserve it!



Keep typing and don’t stop. The likelihood is that any idea on the page is better than no idea at all. If you think the idea is terrible, you can go back to it in the future, maybe when your head is a little clearer and you’ve been able to formulate a clearer path and intention. 



I once heard the relevant quote: “stress is the enemy of concentration” and I believe it is true. In order to focus, you need to feel calm and collected. You cannot write an essay whilst your heart is racing with the sheer thought of everything you have to accomplish. Keep your mind in a pleasant place. Take things step by step and remember that your work will be completed! 



Instead of starting each morning with the usual scroll of social media apps on your phone, begin with an exercise instead. It could be a short routine you’ve found on Youtube or a few simple steps you’ve created yourself. Even a few stretches will go a long way. But if you begin each morning with a gentle exercise, your body and your mind will begin to feel the benefits.


I hope these tips helped! Be mindful that you are trying your best in what is a stressful time of year and that you deserve breaks!


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