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A new semester has just begun, and for most people, this means a fresh start and new
beginnings. Starting anything new is an exciting process but at the same time can also be a
little bit nerve-wracking. Whether you are reading this as a second or third-year student, or if
you have just settled into first year, I am going to try and give you some helpful advice on
how to channel all your positive vibes into constructive energy especially during this new
academic year.

First things first, get organised. Now I don’t know about you guys, but to me, a new term
means new stationery. Does anybody else get excited about going and buying a brand
spanking new pencil case full of pens, pencils, highlighters and notepads of every colour? I
know I do and there is no better way to be more prepared for another year of education, as
nerdy as that may sound. If you haven’t already splashed out on some new stationery, make
sure you do. Don’t worry; you don’t need to spend a small fortune, Pound Land also sells
great stationery too. Please try not to write lecture notes on scrap pieces of paper which will
never leave the bottom of your rucksack. I know many students who are guilty of this, even
me! Keep your notes organised and that way you won’t be running around like a mad person
the night before your essay is due trying to find bits of information you need to include in
your assignment.

Have you always been a secret dancer or a thriving football player or even a keen bookworm?
If you have a keen interest in an activity why not start a new hobby? I’m pretty sure there is a
society for every interest at Bangor University, and there is no better time to try a new
activity than at the start of the new academic year. Committees are calling out for people to
join their society. Interacting with new people and doing the thing you love is going to be
amazing for your mental health and especially your physical health if you join a sport society.
Societies are a great way to make friends and have fun after a full day of lectures.

Try and stay positive and motivated this year! You’ve just started a fresh term so why not
keep up the hard work? Don’t let that motivation slip after only a few weeks. Make sure you
go to all your lectures and seminars, that way you won’t be behind on notes and you will feel
better about yourself for actually going. Get into a routine of getting a decent amount of sleep
before your 9 am lectures. This way you won’t be as tired (hopefully) and you will be more
likely to wake up instead of going back to sleep.

While you may already feel inundated with work and other commitments, it is essential to
make time for your friends. Spending time with your friends does help you relax and be
happier. Meet up for a coffee, go to the pub, have a film night or even go for a walk (we are
fortunate that we get to go to a University in a beautiful part of the country so take advantage
of that.) It’s so important to have fun at university just as vital as it is to work hard. Try and
find an equal balance between going out and completing work because that way life will be
much more comfortable and you will be thanking yourself in the future.

I like to think of starting a new semester as having a clean slate. It’s a perfect time to start
fresh and forget about any negativity which may have surrounded you last year or even last
week! Be the best version of you and do what makes you happy this year.

Article written by Emily Brown


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