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Diwali, or the ‘Festival of Lights’ signifies a lot to the Hindu community. It is one of the most
popular Hindu festivals in the Indian Culture and symbolises the victory of light over
darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance. Usually, the streets and homes of
India are adorned with diyas, which are lamps and candles. People often pray to Goddess
Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, in the hopes of a prosperous year!

At Bangor, we have seen many festivals that celebrate this unique festival. The Bangor
Indian Society have hosted notable festivities celebrating this joyous occasion in the past,
and this year is no less! The event sees a variety of performances that range from classical
dance to traditional songs being sung by Society members! There usually is a henna tattoo
stall, snacks and an open dance floor at the event as well! Guests have the chance to dance
to Bollywood music and celebrate the festivities of the event!

This year the event promises classical, traditional dances originating from South India, a
selection of Punjabi-style dances which hails from Punjab in North India, and a range of
dance performances that are based on Bollywood hit songs. The event will also showcase a
selection of traditional songs sung by members of the Society. The event will be held on the
8th of November, at PJ Hall from 7-11pm. Make sure to go with your friends to this exciting
event that celebrates Indian culture, and it’s splendour next month!


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