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In life, people often believe that if we invest in dependable, quality tools that hail from a reputable brand, we will shape our lives towards success. So we venture out, and we buy the best brand of laptops that’s currently selling out, or the best phone at the moment because it comes with a built in personal organizer, that we assure ourselves we’ll figure out how to use someday.

Though these things may help our success, and may have some degree of fact to it, personally, I believe that in life, the tools that mould our success, involve attributes money cannot buy. When you read those quotes on tumblr, that involve Plato saying something along the lines of ‘The tools which would teach men their own use would be beyond price”, know that he is not taking about that new phone that exceeds your budget, but would be the ideal tool for you. He has a deeper meaning, one, which involves a lack of materialistic objects. Tools that mould your success, make you stand out in a sea of people, and conquer your life, ultimately originate from a place far more precious than a store. If you as a person have drive, determination and perseverance, you have a few of the tools needed to achieve true success in your life. Those unique qualities cannot be purchased, nor will you need anything else to stand out and create a life you want. Motivation, courage and self-awareness are just a few more examples of tools in life that would help you reach your dreams more than any materialistic object could, however, these attributes require some effort on your part.

In order to wield these tools, and put them to good use in order to carve out the life you want for yourself, they require hard work, dedication and positivity, to name a few. This is where, the valuable term, ‘Invest in Yourself’ comes into play. If you invest hard work, drive and perseverance in yourself, you will create tools worthy of achieving monumental success and you would pose as serious competition to your greatest opponent: yourself.

Though there are many facets to investing in yourself, I genuinely believe the tools to shape your mind-set are important in achieving everything you could possibly want in life. Personally, I think that investing in yourself resembles layers, with every layer enforcing one goal: success. Success in life, love and maybe even, in yourself. While you create strong armour capable of withstanding hurdles that come with the road to success, if you want too, buy that laptop, or invest in that phone. They are tools that help the tools you already create, or even things you treat yourself with, because part of investing in yourself, is to treat yourself! Having said that, I’m going to figure out how to save this on my new laptop, and probably figure out how to work the personal organizer on my phone tomorrow. Or at some point in the future!


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