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Alzheimer’s Awareness



Around the World, September 21st marks a very important day in terms of mental health: Alzheimer’s Day. Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems when it comes to memory, thinking and overall behaviour. Symptoms develop very slowly, and become severe enough to interfere with many aspects of life. What many people don’t realise is that currently, there is no cure to Alzheimer’s. Though extensive treatment and research is going on, there is no substantial solution to this current dilemma. In today’s World, many people go through this tough battle, and for them to not be able to recollect memories so precious to them, that shapes their lives and connects them to their family, really raises a cause for concern.

However, research has scoured new heights, with ninety percent of our knowledge of Alzheimer’s being discovered in the last 20 years. The hope now, is to better understand the brain and its complexities, and produce new treatment that will lessen the amount of people being affected. The brain is one of the complex organs of our body, having about 100 billion nerve cells; it stands to be the most puzzling organ we have. Despite a lot of hard work being done, there is no research that has discovered the cause of Alzheimer’s. However, research has discovered 6 pillars for reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. They encompass regular exercise, social engagement, healthy diets, mental stimulation, quality sleep and stress management. By following a regime that includes these 6 pillars, the risk of developing Alzheimer’s significantly reduces. Symptoms of Alzheimer’s include, memory loss that disrupts daily life, difficulty completing familiar tasks, and confusion with time or place, to name a few. Alzheimer’s is an aggressive mental health disease, and in order to combat it best we can, we should take a stance as a community and try our level best to establish a positive mental health for ourselves, and for those around us.


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