The deep, dark truth about the Blue Whale challenge


The Blue Whale game is a twisted suicide challenge that convinces vulnerable teenagers into committing suicide, and has recently caused uproar due to hundreds of thousands posts relating to this chaotic trend on Instagram.

It is speculated that a group administrator assigns daily tasks to members and gives them a time frame of 50 days to complete these horrendous challenges. The manipulators control the game and reportedly instruct the teenagers to commit suicide on the 50th day. This is seen as a ‘win’ in the game.

The NSPCC have warned children to not do anything they feel pressured into, and to remain vigilant about cyber bullying threats. Parents should discuss these issues with their children, and emphasize boundaries and cyber security.

The Blue Whale game has caused a lot of panic and in order to take the next step and promote cyber security, preventative actions such as awareness of this toxic game, monitoring of electronic devices and the game downloads, and knowledge of how potentially dangerous this game can be, will prove to be instrumental in educating teenagers on the vital importance of cyber security.


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