Holi Festivities!


The Bangor Indian Society (BIS) recently celebrated the auspicious festival of colors, also known as Holi. This festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, and the society opened up their doors for a variety of celebratory events, in honour of this symbolic festival. On Thursday, the 9th of March, PJ Hall was used to host the Holi Event, which encompassed song and dance performances, refreshments, a henna stall, and an open Bollywood music dance floor with a music set, courtesy of the BIS’s resident DJ. The festivities continued on the 11th of March, which was when members of the BIS Society celebrated by dousing each other with coloured powder and water. By the end of the afternoon, everyone had successfully managed to color their targets. The atmosphere was certainly a vibrant and vivacious experience, with dancing, music and an all round exhilarating experience. The Society Chairperson, Yasharth sheds some light on past experiences and talks about his plans for the Society and its progress throughout the years. “ I am very happy with the way the event has turned out. We were not expecting this amount of people to turn up, but the response has been great. I would like to congratulate my fellow committee members and volunteers who have put in a lot of hours of hard work to create such an amazing show in front of so many people. I would like to thank the International Education Centre and Students Union for helping us so much and giving us an opportunity to showcase the rich Indian culture in front of people from all around the world. I am very glad that events like these every year help us attract new members, not only from India or South Asia but people from all over the world. It has been an immense honor organizing such events and we look forward to many more in the future. A hearty Thank you to all the supportive members of the society, your keenness to inform people of our culture, and your constant eagerness to contribute to societal events never ceases to amaze me.”


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