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“You goin’ Peep tonight? Need any Academi tickets? £1 jagerbombs! We’re the best club in Bangor you know!” With the fun of Fresher’s week comes the Bangor nightclubs’ and bars’ attempts to lure in the new Freshers and force them to spend money on tickets to events they don’t even need. And this is before they’ve even arrived in Bangor.

Club promoters and student ticket sellers spam the Facebook groups set up to help new Freshers find their flatmates and friends in order to feel more confident on arrival. By posting in these groups they convince the new Freshers that they need to buy a Freshers Week ticket for their nightclub as seen by other, bigger, city universities. Ranging anywhere from £5 – £20 these tickets are a waste of money and Freshers end up being ripped off by the clubs. Not a great way to start off your student life.

An anonymous source spoke to Seren: “I spent over £10 on a ‘Freshers Ball’ ticket before I arrived in Bangor. I was assured this was a must go to event and I know that many universities do a Ball at the end of Freshers week. I assumed this was a university run event. I soon found out this was just another night in one of Bangor’s clubs. It was a waste of my money and the club was empty.”


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