Bangor Professor launches mental health index


A Bangor expert in mental health research has helped launch the European Mental Health Integration Index

The Mental Health Integration Index (MHII) explored, for the first time, the challenges of integrating Europeans with mental illnesses into society and employment within Europe’s 28 member states & Norway and Switzerland.  The research initiative was commissioned by Janssen and undertaken by the Economics Intelligence Unit.

Peter Huxley, Professor of Mental Health Research at Bangor University, was a member of an expert team advising on which items should be included in the four sections of the Index: environment, access, opportunities and governance. Huxley commented on the report findings, saying:

“While we all face great challenges in providing appropriate support to people with mental health problems, it is gratifying to see that the UK comes second in the integration index. There is still a lot to do to improve social inclusion even in the higher rated countries. Examples of best policy and practice are not confined to the high scoring countries and can be found in many other places in Europe, and indeed, the rest of the world.”

According to the findings, employment is the field of greatest concern for those with mental illness. The report makes recommendations in order to improve the integration of people living with mental illness into society.


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