How Seren Spent their Summer – Northern Ireland


Me and my boyfriend took the ferry over to Belfast from Birkinghead for my Grandad’s 80th Birthday bash. We slept on the ship and when we woke up drove straight off to the family’s town. We visited Belfast and Newcastle, as well as a few small towns like Minerstown. We stayed in a beautiful 18th century property that we’d found through ‘Air B&B’. We struck gold with our hostess who used to run a café, so our daily ‘fry’ was delicious and we got a few tips for Irish baking. The countryside seems busy in Ireland. The skyline is dotted with different houses, the fields crisscross the hills, which are pinned with wind turbines. They aren’t eyesores, however, and it adds to the detailed view. Glinting in the bright sunlight, they embrace our new way of life – a way that can’t be sustained, that is intuitive, and forever changing.


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Bethan May

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