How to Hide the Hangover


teabagsSuffering from the night before but still need to look decent for a presentation, visit to the relatives or work? Fear not, Seren’s here with a few easy tricks at making you look better than you feel.

  • Apply cold tea bags on your eyes for 15 minutes. The caffeine breaks down fat cells around the eyes to reduce puffiness while the cold temperature closes blood veins to reduce the redness surrounding the area.
  • Don’t skip the concealer. A yellow concealer will counteract dark circles on the skin, while they naturally blend into your natural skin tone easier than pink shaded formulas.
  • Apply blusher, not only to your cheeks but also your forehead and chin to give your flushed out face a fresher, healthier colour.
  • blusherlipstickFind your brightest lipstick, preferably not the one from the night before though. While you may have thought bright lipstick was for the evenings wearing it during the day will draw people’s attentions away from your tired skin and red eyes. In the same way make sure you don’t apply any make up on your eyes, beige eye shadow and a sweep of mascara at the most.
  • asprinReach for the aspirin not the paracetamol. The reason? Aspirin contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a pain killer. This will help reduce any swelling and puffiness you display as well as curing that headache.

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