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Kelly KapowskiKelly Kapowski

Kelly was the quintessential 90s girl next door.  Whether she was unintentionally making Zack and Slater fight for her, leading the Bayside cheerleaders, or just standing around in those corridors that they hung out in a lot, Kelly always looked stunning.

One of the key aspects of Kelly’s looks was her hair. To get the full volume look of the 90s…

1. Begin by putting a volume mousse all the way through damp hair. I recommend Garnier Fructis Style Big Volume Mousse (£2.64 – Superdrug), then blow dry your hair completely.

2. After the hair is completely dry take medium sections of hair from the very top of your head and curl them around LARGE Velcro rollers. The purpose of the rollers is not to curl the hair but to add height to it in a way that will appear softer than backcombing. (Pack of 12 various sized rollers – £1 – Poundland)

3. Softly blow-dry the rollers until the hair around them is warm to the touch.

4. Spray a small amount of hairspray (Garnier Fructis Hairspray Bamboo Crystal Volume – £2.69 – Superdrug) on to the roots of your hair, above the rollers. Do not spray all over. Allow to cool down for approx. 10 minutes depending on hair thickness.

5. Unroll the curlers slowly and brush through with fingers or a wide toothed comb.

6. Finish the look off with a quick sweep of bronzer for a California tan, pink lip-gloss and a bright eye-shadow for that unpolished 90s look.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Growing up in the 90s we all wanted to be a Power Ranger right? Well here’s a simple and cost effective way of achieving your childhood dream! ‘It’s morphing time!’

1. Choose which Power Ranger you want to be: If you’re going with the original you can choose from black, blue, yellow, pink, red or green. (Face Paint – £2.19 – Sparx)

2. Carefully apply the face paint all over your face using a sponge and allow to fully dry.

power rangers

3. Using a narrow piece of sponge or a paint brush carefully outline the shape of your chosen Power Ranger’s visor around your eyes. Each Ranger had a specific shape correspondent to their specific dinosaur ‘zord’.

4. Fill in the shape with black face paint to create a visor image. If you’ve chosen the black Ranger widen the white line to separate the shape from the rest of your face.

5. Finish off by applying white or silver face paint to your lips to finish off your D.I.Y Power Ranger helmet.

Ginger Spice

Often given the nickname of ‘Sexy Spice’ due to her stage outfits, pair this beauty look with a Union Jack dress to have the boys ‘zigazig ahing’ all night.

1. Apply primer and foundation. Geri had light skin so you may need to think about applying foundation slightly lighter than what you usually wear.

2. Apply light eye-shadow all over your eye before applying a dark charcoal cover all over the crease of your eye. Apply a small amount of silver eye-shadow to the inside corner of each eye.Ginger Spice

3.  Apply liquid liner across the lid, starting from the inner rim and angling out for a half inch beyond your eyelid. Wait for the first coat to dry before reapplying to thicken the line.

4. With a kohl pencil go over the outer edge of your lower rim. Blend with a smudge brush or softly with your ring finger.

5. Apply two coats of thick mascara to create impact eyelashes without the hassle of applying fake ones. The 90s were all about bright colours so try experimenting with coloured mascara rather than the traditional black.

6. Apply a rosy pink cheek blush to create that ‘English Rose’ effect.

7. Finish the look off with sparkly red lip-gloss, preferably out of a squeezy tube for an authentic 90s experience.

Kurt Cobain/ 90s Grunger

Kurt Cobain is a rock icon, but his image is part of a wider iconic look that rose from the streets of Seattle. Much like punk before it, grunge was about rejecting the mainstream images of the time and allowing young men and women to express themselves as they wished. Getting this look is simple and requires few steps.

1. Grunge hair is usually unkept. While it is often see to belong the look can be achieved with short hair. Start off by not washing your hair 24 hours before going out and using a heavy styling wax style your hair, the aim is to create hair that looks untidy.

2. If you can grow some facial hair in time for your event that’s great, if not consider painting some on. Simply get paint in the hair colouring of your choice and using a damp sponge dip the sponge in the paint and then dab lightly over the area you want to become bearded. Consider adding a second layer in a similar colour to add depth to the look

3. For a true grunge look makeup is not necessary, but for a fancy dress outfit eyeliner and eye-shadow is a must. Begin by applying a dark shadow all over the top of your eyes, to create a subtle look use your index finger to smudge the eye-shadow across the entire length of your eye rather than continually applying colour.

kurt cobain

4. Eyeliner can be daunting for first timers! Top trick to applying eyeliner try and apply a mirror next to a hard surface. Balance your elbow ion the surface for balance and it will be easier to align the pencil to your eye, this will help avoid too many eye – pencil collisions.

5. For a grunge look it doesn’t matter if the line of your eyeliner is messy. For the best look apply a quick line over the top and bottom rim of your eyes before blending again with your index finger. After blending repeat this process twice more before applying one final complete line. This last line should be a tidy one as it will add the final depth to the look.

6. For an extra bit of fun consider using a temporary hair dye or spray in your hair in colours such as blue, red or even pink and be ready to rock out in Reading as well as Cobain ever did.


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