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As a new year begins, the effects of the Christmas party season can lead to some unfortunate issue for the skin on your face.  A constant exposure to the cold Bangor nights, teamed with the toxins found in alcohol and (often less than healthy) hangover foods can leave your skin looking tired and worse for wear. So try and start 2014 right by making these simple resolutions to thank your skin for all it’s put up with.



1.  I Will Identify My Skin Type – The easiest way to do this is with a simple test using a strip of toilet paper. Wash your face with a soap free cleanser, wait 3 hours and don’t put any other products on your skin during this time. After 3 hours blot a piece of tissue paper on both of your cheeks, your forehead, nose and chin and see if any oil can be seen on the paper.

  • Normal/ Combination Skin – If oil is only present on nose and forehead
  • Oily Skin – If oil can be seen on all 5 areas
  • Dry Skin – If no oil can be seen in any of the areas.

2.  I Will Take The Time to Browse – Once you’ve identified your skin type find products that suit your skin. These days almost all products are labelled and there are some to suit every budget from high street drug stores like Superdrug or Boots own brand products to expensive designer formulas. Browse around, and ask staff behind beauty counters for advice on the different products. Don’t just grab the first item you see on offer as the ingredients it contains may cause increased problems for your skin.

3. I Will Do More Than The Bare Minimum Every Day – The minimum products needed are a deep cleanser and creamy moisturiser, allowing you to clean and repair the skin from that day. It takes 5 minutes at most, and if done twice a day EVERYDAY then the effects will soon show. But often your skin needs much more than this basic routine during the winter months. Invest in a good tone during the Ne Years sales to really give your pores a clean as well as looking into deeper moisturising treatments to give your skin a much needed boost.

4.  I Will Stick With It – It takes time for your skin to adapt to a new product. Keep using the same products for at least 4 months. If after this time you see no visible difference think about trying a new product or if your skin is a real problem consider visiting your GP who could help you identify other medical solutions for your skin worries.

5. I Will Give My Skin Extra TLC Every Week – This can be from a variety of options, invest in a good exfoliator and take a few minutes of your day to really deep clean your pores. Alternatively pick up a face mask at your local drug store and give yo
ur skin a well-deserved moisture kick to get you glowing by Spring.


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