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As the winter months draw in and the air around us grows colder, our skin can be seriously harmed by the elements we’re exposed to. While there are many ways to combat these issues, one of the best products you can use is Shea butter.

Shea butter is made from the fat of the nuts found on Shea trees in Africa and for years its moisturizing properties has been used in skin care products throughout the world. One of its major benefits for us students is its affordability. Here are five Shea heavy products for the price of a pint or less…


Nivea Lib Balm

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter

£1.65 – Boots

A rich, creamy lip balm, this product is different from most as it doesn’t sit on the top of your skin, its absorbed into it. This means that with only one application this product will continuously moisturise your lips for up to 4 hours.

Garnier Body Lotion

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion Shea

£3.32 – Superdrug
This intensive moisturiser is as practical as it is effective! It absorbs into the skin in minutes meaning you don’t have to wait forever in a cold room until your skin stops being sticky and you can finally put your clothes on!

Shea Soap

£2.00 – Body Shop

It’s easy to forget to give your hands a bit of TLC, but thanks to Body Shop soap bars you can give your hands the pampering they deserve every time you wash them.  Thanks to The Body Shop’s commitment to using natural ingredients you won’t find any harsh chemicals drying out your skin in this soap either.

body shop soap

Boots Shower GelBoots Therapy Nourish Shower Gel

£0.89 – Boots

An absolute steal for less than a pound! This amazing smelling gel leaves skin feeling smooth and soft after showering. Combine with a good luffa and your first bottle will take you through most of the winter.



gilletteFusion ProGlide Hydrating Shave Gel

£2.07 – Superdrug

The act of shaving itself can dry out men’s skin, with a lot of cheaper priced creams lacking the moisture given by the luxury brands.  Gillette’s hydrating gel does exactly what it says on the can, giving men an extra layer of moisture before showcasing their newly exposed skin to the winter elements.


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