How To Beat Stress


The weeks leading up to work deadlines and exams are always particularly stressful. Stress might seem part and parcel of student life, but if you don’t find ways to deal with it then stress can cause a whole host of other problems such as weight loss, skin problems, and lack of sleep. We asked Bangor University student, Jenny Krase, how she combats stress…

We all know it’s tough enough writing up your dissertation- the sun is (intermittently) shining, and end-of-break parties beckon. And we all take “breaks”, clicking over to Facebook or other social sites for a few minutes respite. Okay, or a whole afternoon. Here are some alternative recommendations to Facebook if you want to refresh your brain a little:

  1. Oh No They Didn’t!: a hilarious and active celebrity gossip community on Livejournal.  An account is free and it’s great fun if celeb gossip is something you read casually anyway.
  2. Start your own blog. It’s super easy- WordPress is easy to learn- and customising your site is kind of addictive. Plus it’s a really useful skill. Tumblr is another popular option and is also highly customisable (and not just for reblogging amazing photographs).
  3. Go to  and get signing! It’s an excellent way to justify not working on your latest section or chapter and it can do some good. I highly recommend the petition, as well; it’s lagging seriously behind the Coalition for Marriage petition which seeks to prevent marriage equality for LGBT people.
  4. Clean out your fishtank/gerbil cage/litter box. It probably needs doing anyway. If you have goldfish, get some sinking pellets and enjoy watching them forage in the gravel… it sounds ridiculous but this is probably the cheapest fun I’ve had since being able to buy alcohol at 19. (Oh! Canada..)
  5. Nip over to Poundland and pick up some spring planting supplies- they have grow your own tomato/potato/strawberry kits. Spend a little time planting up your seeds and watch them grow- pumpkins and beans are especially fast, you often see germination in just a few days- and it’s easy to justify this as a sustainable activity. Plus it’s fun.
  6. Back online now, had enough mucking out your pets and growing your own produce? Well then check out the candidates for the Gwynedd council elections here: students live in Arfon and there are actually several students standing in the local elections. If you live in Halls, you’re pre-registered to vote, so make your that you make your voice heard!
  7. Okay, this one is still probably not “fun” but it’s important: Academi’s new licensing hours are up for consideration at the council. So why not write to your councillor and tell them to support the later hours? Contact info for Bangor-based councillors is here:
  8. Bored of local politics now? Yeah, me too, so let’s move on to something just a little bit more interesting. Go check out My Drunk Kitchen and Jenna Marbles on Youtube. Go on, if you haven’t already, you will not regret it. I promise.

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