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Deliver WOO!


Deliveroo now does unlimited deliveries for £7.99 a month – yes! Man vs Food just got real with this Deliveroo plus. The new service, was trialled in six cities earlier this year, allowed half of its customers to save nearly £25 over a two months, while some saved up to £75 a month.
In order to truly benefit from this exquisite offer you would need to be ordering takeaway at least once a week. Perfect for students right?! That’s because you would need to use Deliveroo four times per month to spend £10 in delivery costs over the period – more than the £7.99 you would pay for the subscription service.
If you’re still tempted like I am, you can sign up for a free trial for a month here online:
The service will be available in 45 towns and cities across the UK, including Brighton, Edinburgh and London, in the initial phase of the rollout. In November, subscribers will also have access to discounts from restaurants like Gourmet Burger Kitchen.
Deliveroo plans to extend the service to more locations in the coming months.


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