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Need plans for Halloween? Time to get yourself tickets to the sought after events in Bangor.
Cube as it is so called, or Peep for those who know it’s true form, have promised an Asylum 10pm – 3am. With 4 rooms of music, let your feet take you away on a night of freaky dance moves.
Academi, the other night club in Bangor, is hosting Alice in Horrorland. Amazing play on words, bet they hired someone for that. They describe the night as a mystical madness. Open from 10pm – 2.30am, with drinks from £1 and a ‘special penny’s potions cocktail menu’, exciting stuff.
Keep your sights set on their facebook pages for offers and updates on tickets.
Worried about costumes, well thanks to the variety of second hand/charity shops it’s really not been easier to go DIY if you’re low on cash.
Or you can always pop down to one of the local costume shops down Bangor high street to get you and the crew looking schwifty.
Group costumes can be a make or break thing so try to keep together if you are otherwise the backside of the donkey on his own at the bar isn’t quite what wonder woman ordered this year.
If you’re going statement then be loud and proud about it, no going back because hey it’s only one night in the year, apart form when the club photos are released anyway.


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