3 Ways To Style Your Corset


Corsets never really go out of fashion but right now they are having an especially popular moment, thanks to shows like Bridgerton renewing interest in vintage wear and alternative fashion fans being at the forefront of internet style. Here are three easy ways to style one of the most common types of corsets, the overbust corset.

Over a black dress:

For an easy, alt fashion inspired look, layer an overbust corset over a short black dress. You can further build on this by wearing fishnets, a striped long t-shirt and platform boots, for example.

With jeans and a jacket:

For a casual but flirty look, swap out your plain top for a corset and pair with your favourite pair of straight leg or baggy jeans and your jacket of choice. Perfect if your Valentine’s candlelight dinner might have to be replaced by a cheeky walk.

Over a light white dress/over an underdress:

If you’ve always wanted to look like an escort from ancient Rome, lean into the lingerie-origin of the corset and pair it with a light white underdress and a white nightgown.

And they said I only give impractical fashion advice…


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