Makeup Tutorial: Glam Goth


If you´re looking to make a grand entrance at your next zoom call, nature walk or family holiday, and you have a taste for a bit of edge, try out this step-by-step Makeup-Tutorial for our Glam Goth Look.

What you´ll need:


          o   Black

          o   Nude/A colour similar to your own skin tone

          o   Gray

          o   Silver/Any very reflective pigment

        Concealer/Eyeshadow Primer

        Black liquid eyeliner

        Eyeshadow brushes (a fluffy one for blending and a dense angled one for details)


1)  Prime your eyelids. Use your finger to apply the product and tap it into your skin.

2)  Apply your nude colour along the entire crease and blend upwards. This will make it easier to blend in the black in the next step.

3)  Pack your black shadow onto your outer crease and blend outwards and along the crease. Use your grey to blend it into the nude tone.

4)  Apply your shiny eyeshadow/pigment with your finger starting at your inner corner and cover most of the lid. Use your fluffy brush to help blend the pigment into the black.

5)  If needed, go back and touch up your look with the different colours until they are well blended and you’re satisfied with the intensity. There is no shame in taking your sweet time – trust the process.

6)  Use a liquid eyeliner to draw your first wing. Position it slightly higher than you would normally to leave space for the additional wings. Tip: Start with just the outer line of your wing, then add the inner line and fill in the colour. Then add the eyeliner along your lid and connect to the wing.

7)  Add a second, longer wing beneath, following the arch of the first one.

8)  Add as many wings beneath the eye as you want. I made them turn away from the upper wings, but you can also follow the arch of your other wings again if you desire a more upturned, eye-snatching look.

9)  Use your small angled brush and add black under your waterline. Smoke it out. This helps connect the wings and build cohesion.

10)   Add Mascara.

11)   Yay, you´re done! Add more details at your leisure.


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