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As many professional meetings, university classes, and even some dates have moved from physical spaces to virtual ones, the way we get ready and make ourselves presentable for these interactions has changed as well. Of course it has; a webcam will always frame us differently than when meeting face-to-face and we tend to communicate and carry ourselves differently, too. Thus, we run the risk of coming across as (literally and figuratively) flatter than we like, and not just because we might wear a nice shirt on top but dirty sweatpants on the bottom (something my friend lovingly called the “fashion mullet”). Here are some tips for looking and feeling your best when in an online meeting or class.

Oh So Pro!

It might be funny to have silly names and ridiculous zoom backgrounds when having an online party with close friends but in an important class or meeting, a user named “420hoe” seemingly sitting in that burning house from the “this is fine” dog comic might not achieve the professionalism appropriate for the setting, no matter how charming. Instead, strive for professional backgrounds that do not take away attention from whatever marvellous things you surely have to say and keep your usernames recognizable, PC, and SFW. This goes double if you are having an interview over video chat, of course.

Glam for the Cam!

If keeping up a cute look is something you value whatever you do, there are some things you might want to adjust when in online spaces. As mentioned above, what you are wearing on the top is the most important thing here, as well as how you frame your beautiful face, of course. Assuming that for most of the class/meeting you will not be filling up everyone’s entire screen, it is safer to go for boldness over details. Therefore, go with bright coloured clothing, large accessories like badges, brooches or big earrings, and do not be afraid to rock a bold lip, divine contouring or a killer eye look. Make them squint at your tiny, fabulous window, baby!


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