Three Tips for Holiday Makeup


The holidays are getting closer each day and, surely, many of us are looking forward to dressing up nicely for Christmas dinners and parties with our family and friends. Here are some essential tips for making sure that our Makeup and hair stays looking great throughout the evening.

Glam for the Fam

To make sure that your outside glows with as much Christmas cheer as your insides do, try using the same shimmery pigment for both your eyeshadow and your highlighting, for a simple, coherent look.

Tinsel Trickery

Turn any everyday look full-glam in minutes by adding a ready-to-use glitter crème eyeshadow. While only taking a short amount of time, this looks gives the illusion of real makeup mastery.

Matte for Days

If you’re wearing lipstick (and who can resist a red lip during the holidays?) make sure not to go for a high-moisture one. Stick to either a durable liquid lipstick or a crème lipstick with a more waxy, long-lasting finish (think MACs signature lipsticks). This will make sure that your lipstick survives as much of the dinner as possible!



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