DIY: Make your own Festive Headbands


The year is drawing to a close and we all know what that means: Christmas parties! Lots and lots of Christmas parties and dinners. With everyone dressing up to look their best, it’s not an easy feat to stand out and wow and woo your way through the evening. Be the belle of the ball at every Ugly Sweater Party and fancy Winter Dance with these extravagant headwear-pieces!

The Basics

For this DIY, you will need a hot glue gun, headbands, some yarn, tape, ribbons, wrapping paper and, depending on the style you pick, lots of Christmas themed decoration (easily found in Charity Shops, Craft Stores or Discount Stores). Start each piece by either wrapping the headband in ribbon (fixed every couple centimetres with a drop of hot glue), decorating it with wintery washi tape or painting it.

All I want for Christmas…

Starting with the easiest one, this headband only takes a couple minutes to put together but still adds a cute and whimsical touch to any festive outfit. Simply take a huge pre-made bow and press it onto the side of the headband. Next, fix the bow in place with a bit of ribbon of the same colour by pulling it through the bow. For added stability, add a drop of hot glue to the underside where the bow, the ribbon and the headband meet.

Foraging for Fashionistas

This one is where it becomes very obvious why a hot glue gun is such a wise investment. For this headband, you need some decoration that looks like branches and leaves, preferably with some red plastic berries on them. Wrap the branches around the headband and use ribbons to keep them in place before fixing them with lots of hot glue. Then, gradually add more decoration, especially red baubles to match the berries, and ribbon. For this one, it is important that you try on the headband after each added accessory to make sure you are still happy with the composition and size of your new forest crown. This will look gorgeous with natural hair colours and styling, especially brown and red hair, and paired with a green jumper or dress.

What’s better than one bow on your head?

That’s right, it’s TWO bows on your head of course. Use a very wide ribbon band for this and cut two pieces that are each about two hands in length. Then use tape or a glue gun to glue each of the ribbons into a little loop. Next, take some normal ribbon or tape and tie a knot into the middle of each loop, creating neat bows. Use some more thin ribbon to tie tiny baubles into the middle of those as well. Lastly, simply use the thin ribbon and some hot glue to fix the bauble-bows onto each side of the headband.

Jingle Bells

This one admittedly should not be worn for an entire evening, for everyone’s benefit as this headband can get pretty loud and annoying (but hey, maybe that’s exactly what your party needs). Simply attach big jingle bells onto the headband with some ribbons and make sure they are in a nice, straight row. Then fix the underside of the ribbon and the bells onto the headband with the hot glue and you’re ready to disrupt the holidays in fashion!

You’re the present!

For this super cute headband, wrap an empty square or rectangle carton in wrapping paper, tie a nice ribbon around it and tie it to one side of the headband. Fix with hot glue, and done! Christmas Gifts sorted!


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