Fight the Cold with Combat Boots


An evergreen in the season of greys, combat boots combine comfort and attitude into one, often even mostly water-resistant, shoe. Having had their origin in various subcultures, combat boots like Doc Martens have found their way into mainstream attire. Now, there’s a multitude of ways to wear the edgy kicks so, without further ado, here are our favourite ways to style them:

  1. For the cold months, switch the sneakers for some heavy boots. Not only will your now toasty feet thank you, the plain t-shirt/jumper and jeans combo is easily elevated with some cool combat boots.
  2. Create an interesting contrast both in silhouette and in tone by pairing a fancy dress and delicate accessories with a pair of rough looking combat boots. The boots will toughen up the soft femininity of the dress.
  3. Go full edge and pair your black combat boots with a black leather jacket for a punk inspired look.
  4. A lot of subcultures play with both tough as well as cutesy themes in their looks. Pair your combat boots with tights, a short skirt and a comfy jumper.

How to care for your shoes:

Shoes that primarily get worn during the winter and in sub-optimal weather conditions will get worn out quicker, even if they are genuine leather and well-made. That is why it is so important to take good care of your shoes, so that they will last you years.

  •         Doc Martens are known to be very stiff and uncomfortable when you first get them. Break them in using shoe stretchers, wearing thick socks, using softening agents and gently bending especially stiff areas of the shoe.
  •         Gently clean your shoes with a washcloth and warm water. Pat dry. Use shoe polish on leather shoes.
  •         Increase the water resistance of your shoe by using protective sprays, such as Liquiproof.



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