Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Halloween is getting closer by the minute and not everyone is into planning elaborate, time and money consuming costumes. Fret not, friends! Simply try one of these low-effort Halloween costumes!


If you have a leather jacket, jeans, some hair gel/pomade and a comb, you’re all set to be a T-Bird and turn Halloween into a real Summer Night (bonus points if you can actually sing). On a similar note, if you switch the leather jacket for a red bomber and adopt a face of perpetual aloofness, you could make a pretty good James Dean.

Queen of Hearts

Fans of classic literature (or any of the film adaptations) will rejoice when they see you dressed up as the evil Queen of Hearts from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. All you really need is a black/white/red outfit with playing cards attached to it, a crown and a heart-shaped lipstick look.

Miss/Mister Universe

Throw you hair into some adorable space buns, paint some stars on your face and/or put on your spaciest outfit (a NASA shirt works great as well) – and top it off with a DIY Miss/Mister Universe sash for this punny last minute costume.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette

With a sexy dress or suit and a bouquet of roses to hand out, you’ll be breaking hearts all night!


The more make-up adept can try their hand at recreating Pennywise’s look from the IT reboot. Key are the dark eyes, white skin and red lines going from the lips up to the forehead, of course.

Not ready!

If you’re truly living the procrastination spirit on Halloween, you could throw on a bathrobe, slippers, a towel for your hair and do only half of your makeup and nails. When someone asks what you are, you can then simply proclaim “Oh, I’m not ready!“



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