Add some Flair to your Autumn Outfits with Pins!


While temperatures are dropping and we begin to get cozy in sweaters and coats, it’s easy to lose a little flair and for our outfits to get simpler (shout out to those of you who are still rocking mini dresses while clubbing; I do not understand you but I love you). There is an easy way to combat this and to spice up your winter wardrobe: accessorize with pins! Whether it be cool vintage finds or one of the many cleverly designed pins on Etsy or other online stores, pins and buttons are sure to bring some life to your attire. In fact, there is an entire community of small-businesses and indie designers catering to every aesthetic and pop culture reference you can think of.

Where to buy:

Here are some of our favourite online shops to buy pins from:

picture by Nerdpins


This L.A. based shop specializes in enamel pins that double as movie and pop culture references. From Walter Sobchak from The Big Lebowski to the Banana Stand from Arrested Development – every film and TV show buff will find something to their liking here. Find here.

picture by blackwandashop


If you’re into pastel everything when it comes to your pins, try shopping at Apart from pins, they also make a lot of other cute stuff, like necklaces and rosettes. Also, their Game of Thrones inspired pin collection is *chef’s kiss*. Shop here.

picture by Cosmic Mermaid Pins

Cosmic Mermaid Pins

Ranging from adorable to sinister, this Irish-based company creates gorgeous pins, many of them inspired by Ghibli movies or video games. Find here.

picture by Punky Pins

Punky Pins

Admittedly a somewhat larger company than the other ones, Punky Pins is based in the UK and offers a vast array of fun enamel pins, patches and stickers. I was introduced to this company when they collaborated with one of my favourite illustrators, Mel Stringer, and can attest for the quality of the design and material. Also, please look at their new Halloween Collection! Find here.

How to style:

Now that you have an idea of the countless amazing pins money can buy you, you might be wondering how exactly you want to wear them. Well, we’ve got you covered with these classic and creative ways to wear them:

The Classic: on a Denim Jacket

You know it and we know it – pins will always look super chill on a good denim jacket. 

The Art Student: on a Beret

Show your artistic side by adding your favourite pin to an adorable beret. Actually if you throw in a brush and palette, this might as well be a costume, too.

The Punk: on a Leather Jacket

Honestly, there’s nothing cooler than a leather jacket with a million pins on it. Be careful, though – pins will permanently damage leather so maybe look for a second-hand jacket in lieu of a new one.

The e-Girl: on a Snapback

Adding one (or many) pins to a solid-colour cap or snapback will exponentially increase your cuteness factor, so you can be the trendiest girl on the web and IRL.

The Gentleman: on your Collar

Just put one pin on each side of your buttoned up collar and look extra nice and put together. 

The Gallery: on a Belt

If you have a bunch of pins that you want to display, simply put them in the empty holes of your belt, preferably somewhat spaced apart.

The Lady: on a Purse

Any purse or bag will look that much nicer and fancier if you just add a little extra to it. Bonus points if you combine a vintage purse with a cool, modern pin.


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