OPINION: Do you think fashion is important in society?



By Katherine Barnes

Yes, I do think fashion is important in society because it allows people to express their personality. Throughout the ages fashion has been an important part of society and culture. As the human world developed so did the practice of clothing and what people developed out of different materials to wear. From the beautiful arcs of printed silk dresses made in dynastic China, to the elaborate corseted ball gowns of eighteenth century England, what a colourful and imaginative array of designs that mankind has developed over the years!

It is true that there are some stigmas with the fashion world which are understandable. Some people believe that the modern world of fashion can be restrictive, harsh and projects an unrealistic expectation of models and a price tag. However, I think that fashion doesn’t need to be expensive, or a small size to be enjoyed. Fashion is about uniqueness and not adhering to what is considering the ‘latest’ or ‘trendy’. Fashion is important in society because it has the potential to bring different people together to celebrate their own individuality. The best way to enjoy fashion is to wear what you love and be yourself!



By Annie Patel

Why does one’s appearance hold such importance these days? I can’t leave the house without making sure that I look acceptable for others, never mind myself, and it’s infuriating. In countries like South Korea, keeping up with the latest fashion and appearance is so important, it can affect your ability of gaining employment. That is taking fashion too far don’t you think?

In modern society, we place fashion too high on the scale. The fact that wearing a tracksuit or a suit changes people’s perceptions of someone’s personality is so ridiculous. And don’t get me started on brands. It doesn’t make you a better person if you wear a designer brand than a cheaper brand, it makes you a worse person if you think it does.

Dress codes in a work environment are something that doesn’t need to exist. I just don’t understand how wearing a tight pencil skirt is acceptable office wear for sitting down in an uncomfortable chair from 9 to 5. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those women that risk their health for wearing 4 inch stilettos to work every day are plain crazy, brave but crazy.

Fashion is so fickle and it’s exhausting having to keep up with trends. I don’t know how Anna Wintour does it.



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  1. I would agree with Katherine if she had used the word ‘clothes’ instead of ‘fashion’. Clothes are a wonderful way of expressing one’s individuality. But in my vocabulary ‘fashion’ means following trends, and that is the opposite of trying to be unique. Personally, I love clothes but hate fashion.

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