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REVIEW: Henry Holland to the Rescue!


Messy hair, sweaty palms, and an immediate struggle to get your jeans off.  Does this sound like your changing room experience? Imagine these struggles being placed on national television for all to see, and you’ve got yourself Henry Holland’s new show, ‘The Changing Room’.

As soon as I switched the programme on (cuppa in hand), I was drawn in by not only Holland’s unusual choice of glasses (note to self: maybe purchase some zebra glasses), but his down to earth nature – similar to that of Gok Wan. As a result of this, I automatically felt comfortable watching the show. Even though I wasn’t getting my kit off, I had memories of my embarrassing changing room disasters that I hoped no poor other had to experience on television.

After a few short moments of the programme being on, I caught glimpses of the oh-so-similar questions that goes through your head when you try on something as simple as a top: Do I look fat? Will he like it? Should I get the next size up? This makes you feel as though you’re in that changing room with them, experiencing those same worries and same excitements – minus the saviour of Henry Holland, whose point in the show was almost a fashion superhero ready to banish those worries.

However, what really stood out was that Holland not only made you instantly comfortable even if you weren’t in his company, but he gave the people the confidence to try something new, whether it be an extravagant print or a leather skirt. As a result of Henry’s’ genius, a thought came into my head that I would like to share with you all. Clothes give you confidence, but also give you a new personality; you can be a whole new person for a day with the clothes you wear. As I sat laughing my head off at the comedy duo trying on a pair of denim dungarees, it made me realise that you should never be scared or frightened to try something new, and make the changing room a place of laughter and not of fear.


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Food & Drinks Editor 2014/15

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