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For some, Vivienne Westwood conjures-up a festival of checks, structured detailing and a mane of red locks. For others, it’s her success in bondage designs and punk aesthetic. Over the years these fashion milestones have seen the Derbyshire-born designer rise through the ranks to become one of the world’s most influential designers, a trustee of Liberty and a prolific figure in climate change.
Over the next 10 years, ‘Let it Rock’ was reinvented a number of times before settling as ‘Worlds End’, the name it uses today.
During the 1990s, Westwood’s designs evolved, moving from the punk and rebellion aesthetic to upper class ‘Tatler’ girls. It was during this time that Westwood unveiled one of her most influential collections: The Harris Tweed; “My whole idea for this collection was stolen from a little girl I saw on the tube one day. She couldn’t have been more than 14. She had a little plaited bun, a Harris Tweed jacket and a bag with a pair of ballet shoes in it. She looked so cool and composed standing there,” Westwood commented.
Today the Westwood Empire extends to Westwood Gold Label, Westwood Red Label, Anglomani, Man and Bridal. Encompassing apparel, accessories, jewellery and watches, the Westwood brand is as much for the younger generation as their eighties counterparts.
Vivienne Westwood continues to stamp her mark on the fashion industry, but in our hearts too; for Seren she truly is one of the most inspirational and unique fashion designers there has ever been.


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