10 ways to practice self care and support your mental well being.


Now that the festive season is upon us with some lockdown restrictions still currently in place, self-care and caring for your mental health is more important than ever. It’s becoming ever more important to look after ourselves in these unsure times. Self-care and positive thinking are simple ways to make sure that our mental health is cared for.

Here are 10 ways to practice self-care:

  1. Walks – Sometimes breathing fresh air and doing a little bit of exercise can boost endorphins, which can make you feel happier. In addition to this, getting vitamin D from the sun can be very beneficial to your body. Fresh air and exercise have been proven to help with mental health, improving self-perception and self-esteem and you are 30% less likely to become depressed as it can help reduce depression. 
  2. Early night in – Getting 8 hours of sleep can benefit greatly in terms of stress and physical well being and can make you feel refreshed and awake for the next day. Relaxation is especially important to balance work and leisure to reduce stress.
  3. Baking or cooking your favorite dish – Sometimes little things like this can help you it can make you happy and feel more energized. It can help  increase mindfulness and give you a sense of satisfaction by engaging your senses. It can be considered a form of mindfulness and is advantageous for mental health.
  4. Skincare – Sometimes doing skincare and caring for your physical wellbeing can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated with a feeling of structure and routine in your life. Having a routine has been proven to aid mental wellness.
  5. Watch your favorite film – This will spark familiarity and will relax you which can make you happier. Sometimes simply letting yourself unwind can be a form of self-care by leaving time for yourself to re-energize. Watching something familiar can help with anxiety too!
  6. Online shopping – Sometimes treating yourself to something small can spark joy. It is important to treat yourself to little things in order to make yourself feel loved. Remembering the significance of enjoying what makes you happy in life.
  7. Practicing a hobby or craft – Setting time aside for your hobbies can positively impact your mental wellbeing as you will be practicing something that you enjoy, creating a positive effect. Developing skills can also make you feel accomplished and more confident in yourself, thus making an attitude of success. 
  8. Clean – Sometimes cleaning your own space can make your mind feel less cluttered and can create a more positive environment. I know that sometimes cleaning is hard, but when it is done your mind will feel less cluttered and you will feel ready to work or do something productive.
  9. Clearing – Going through clothes or things you don’t use anymore can be a form of self-care as you are giving yourself the freedom to let go of past things and create a new positive atmosphere for yourself. It is important to have the attitude to get rid of things that don’t spark joy, and keep those that make you happy.
  10. Talk to a friend – Talking to someone can maintain your mental wellbeing, this can show you that someone is there to listen and talk to you. In addition to this, talking to a friend can reduce loneliness making you feel better after talking.



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