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“With the Christmas party season almost upon us, students in Bangor are being encouraged to make better choices when it comes to their health in a new drive to cut unnecessary admissions to hospital Emergency Departments and reduce inappropriate use of the ambulance service.”

The above was part of an article sent to Danielle Buckley, VP of Education and Welfare, from the NHS to make you lovely lot aware of the vast amount of unnecessary visits and admissions to hospitals. The next chunk of information you are about to read is designed to help educate us all on the correct way to communicate with the health services and if they are actually required.

Of course, when you’re ‘Crazy-Frogged’ up, mid-pee , falling off the toilet hitting your head on the toilet roll holder, the tiny graze you then discover upon your forehead obviously deserves immediate medical attention, NOT. All this simply requires is to kindly ask the soberest person in the room/club/toilets to help clean it with some water. This is just an example some of us may just stumble upon during our university experience.

As house parties are even more of a common occurrence during the festive season, it would be useful to learn some stuff about keeping as safe and as well as possible. A statistic to try and enable you to grasp the effect alcohol-related ambulance calls has on the countries healthcare system is that ‘someone dials 999 for an ambulance approximately every eight and a half minutes because of alcohol-related illness or injury’.

To help decrease the number of unnecessary 999 calls, the Choose Well campaign for Wales have developed a chart to educate people on what to consider an emergency and what to consider self-care. Self care includes the very common ‘hangover illness’ many of you would have experienced no doubt. The campaign’s colour coded thermometer helps people to link their symptoms with the particular NHS Wales service right for their needs. So head to and print the guide off to stick on up in your kitchen for easy reference when the next health problem arises

Here are a few Christmas party tips for party hosts in particular to make sure it runs as smoothly as a delightful glass of Christmas Mint Bailey’s;

– Invest in some plastic cups and plastic cutlery if you will be serving food. Yes, I know you’re not five years old at a picnic hosted by your nan, but this will avoid glass-based injuries during an intoxicated game of ‘ring of fire’, and metal-related cutlery wounds during ‘five finger fillet’ (which is apparently the name of the game where someone places a hand on a table and another ‘cool’ person taps the utensil between each finger back and forth whilst building up speed each time… yes, I had to Google to find out the name of this game). You will probably be able to pick some things up from Home Bargains or Tesco.

– Hide any valuables (especially if you’re holding your party at the ‘rents house) and not just the expensive stuff, but that one hundred year old glass vase your granddad’s brother’s, uncle’s, sister’s, mother’s, father bought for them should also be stowed away somewhere safe; safe does not mean in an easily accessible cupboard surrounded by food (students will demolish anything edible just in case you didn’t already know that).

– If you buy alcohol, don’t assume you’re going to be the one consuming it, houses are a ‘grab a;d glug’ zone for university parties, so the best advice is to either drink it before you arrive (which seems to be the case for many booze-indulging students), hide it in someone’s bedroom or even outside, to give the added bonus of being chilled when you choose to devour it, high five for that last treat of a tip!


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