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While this may seem like a terrible sponsorship deal, I can advise you this is only an article written by a slightly hungover, but satiated girl. But if Wetherspoons are reading this, Seren always loves a good sponsorship. After Friday 1st March, the infamous Seren Super 80’s Party, I woke up from death by alcohol and was revived from the latest addition to the breakfast menu at a student’s most trusted establishment in Bangor.

The Black Bull Inn down on Bangor’s High Street is now home to my heart and soul in the form of the American Breakfast for £4.99. I enjoyed this spectacle at 11am Saturday, blessed in the presence of the locals cracking into their breakfast kormas. The all-round atmosphere of sticky floors and the smell of last night’s sambuca is something to behold in itself, but I thought it was time to play roulette with my breakfast order.

Luckily, the gods were on my side as I received: 2 Sausages, 2 Hash Browns, 2 Eggs, 4 Pancakes, 4 rashers of Bacon, and a large pot of Maple Syrup! This large slice of heaven arrived to my table, radiating nothing but warmth and love. Combining the greasy oiliness of the fry up with the fluffy lightness of the pancakes makes for the perfect hangover cure. Paired with a pint of Orange juice, my pupils dilated and heart rate increased, it’s love.

Wetherspoons: American Breakfast – could not recommend it more, a solid 10/10 for all your breakfast needs.



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