New Local Heroes: The Cove


The latest addition to the local background giving us the feel of the Caribbean and a floral garland to rock for your 9am: The Cove. The coffee and rum shake gives us the best of both worlds, allowing students to drown their sorrows in alcohol late night, and then give them a kick up the arse coffee the following morning. Their world famous (at least in my world) fish bowls consist of: Vimto, Caribbean, and Blue Lagoon. At £10 a pop, these beauties taste like fruit juice and are easy to get down, then once in Academi you won’t need to be whipping the contactless out.

Being new on the scene, they are currently posting plenty of competitions online via their Facebook page, be sure to like, comment and share for your chance at winning! I had the pleasure of winning their £100 bar tab, and the team and I dived straight in (for research purposes, obviously). Credit to the bar staff for handling us and creating a fantastic atmosphere for the evening! Open till late and situated fantastically between Asda and Academi, it’s surely something to check out!


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